Advertising spots and films

A promotional video is a very good way of promotion, which is a good reason for many companies to invest in this type of advertising. A growing number of entrepreneurs are aware that the power of image and sound can do much more than many written offers. An intriguing and eye-catching advertising spot is able to reach the potential recipient’s consciousness much faster, evoking specific emotions. With its help, you can give viewers the most important information, arousing interest and curiosity in them.


Thanks to the fact that you can use various media channels today, films and advertising spots can be present virtually anywhere. On social portals, on news sites, on television, radio or displayed on plasma screens during market events, conferences and other events or in public places (galleries, intersections, etc.) – in each of these places you can present your services, products, implemented projects or organized events (sports, cultural and other) as well as community actions.

The production of films and advertising spots is an offer dedicated to clients from various fields. The power of the picture and sound power work effectively on the target audience. In an attractive way, in just a dozen or so dozen seconds advertising spots, you can show the most important features of a given product, service or provide information about an event. Standard commercials last 30 seconds. However, each advertising spot can be both lengthened and shortened – depending on the needs of the customer.