Corporate and image films

Do you want to briefly present the company’s activities or the atmosphere at work? Corporate and image films can be an excellent form of advertising for large enterprises or institutions. They contain, for example, a brief history of the company, the successes it has achieved, the products, services it offers or implemented projects. Corporate film can be presented in a very attractive way, combining various techniques: photography, 2D and 3D animation, film, music and voiceover. Corporate films are an offer for companies that want to consciously build their image. Through external communication, they can present their potential to a target group of clients and increase their market position through this message. The Woodpecker MP media house has been involved in the professional production of corporate films for many years.


Corporate film – an ideal solution for companies building their image

Corporate film is an increasingly popular public relations tool that is an excellent means of transferring information and building a positive image of an enterprise both in Poland and abroad. These types of materials can be both general and informative, and can be geared to a specific purpose. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, corporate films are more and more often published via the Internet, thus making the promotion more effective, much cheaper, and most importantly, reaching a target audience.